How to Print 12 x 12 Digital Papers to Letter Size


This tutorial will show you how to print your 12 x 12 digital papers in Letter size format (8.5 x 11). I will be using Pixlr, a free online editor that you can use.

I am going to use the free Happy Clouds digital papers available if you are Lilly Bimble facebook fan or through the LB Digitals Store


 Click on Create a New Image from the menu above.


1. In the Dialog Box above Rename your paper.
2. Change the width to 2550 and length to 3300
3. Click OK.

A new blank page will appear.


Go up to FILE top left corner. Scroll down to open image. Find your Happy Clouds folder and pick the paper you would like to print. Open. Once you see the Happy Clouds paper. I used happycloud_paper4.jpg.


1. Go up to EDIT scroll down to SELECT ALL .
2. Then select EDIT again and scroll down to COPY.
3. Click the blank page behind the Happy Clouds paper. This will bring it to the front.
4. Go back up to EDIT and scroll to PASTE, (command+V) or (control+V)


1. Next go up to LAYER in the top bar.  Scroll down to FLATTEN IMAGE.
2. Go up to FILE and SAVE image.

You might want to create a new folder so you don’t save the new letter size over the original files. You can also PRINT under EDIT. A print dialog box will come up. Make sure it is set to letter size and that the SCALE is 100%. Refer to your printers manual for more information.

* If you plan to use Pixlr a lot I would recommend signing up because you save your projects in progress and not have to worry about losing your work if you click on a homepage or something.

Future tutorial will use Adobe Photoshop Elements which has a similar interface. You can download a trial version for 30 days.  Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Frozen Penguin

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